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This is about two Adults that have run the gauntlet of life!

My name is Betty and I am a mother, wife and Grandmother. I have had to be strong and forgiving during our Marriage but in the long run when I see my grandchildren and children it is all worth it. My husband and I still fight and argue about everything but we do get over it and at this stage in our lives we are starting to travel and enjoy the benefits of retirement.

My name is Paddy that is the Irish name for Patrick or Pat, I answer to any of them. yes we did have many bumps in the road of matrimony and still do but I would not have stayed married to any other women as long as I have with Betty. Notice we haven’t mentioned love, but that is a given and doesn’t have to be said to be known.

We have had three wonderful children, two boys and one girl. To us they are still, and always will be our little children.

Our oldest is going to be fifty as of this entry and his birthday is this Sunday. He has a great job with loads of responsibility as a computer  network supervisor.

Our middle child is a Girl and she is living three provinces away from us and we don’t get a chance to visit very often. She has our oldest grand-daughter who will have a very successful career someday. Our Daughter is married to a very well known conductor.

The youngest is a boy ,also very successful, married to a great girl and are the parents to two beautiful little girls who take up much of their time. they are a handful and are adorable girls.

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